An audio-only computer game.

The most powerful graphics cards you have at your disposal is your brain, and we want you to create the world of Byzantia for yourself.

Brought to you by Incus Games, Three Monkeys is a fantasy RPG that looks to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio in games. The game puts players in the shoes of Tobar: a blind hero who embarks on a journey through a dark, cursed land, where the sun has been ripped out the sky.

Just like you'd conjour up the imagery to accompany a good book, we want you to bring our world to life, too. We'll help you along the way, of course.

Three Monkeys looks instead to empower the player, using mechanics that allow you to be pro-active; to attack, to make the first move.

While audio games in themselves are not new, they tend to rely on the same tactics. Most - knowing they have the player deprived of their primary sense - use scare tactics, throwing the player into an experience defined by horror and scare-tactics.


Enter Byzantia

A world plunged into darkness

Three Monkeys is set in the world of Byzantia, a world which has been plunged into darkness by a curse that has ripped the sun from the sky. Once a rich, colourful land, the denizens of Byzantia are now prisoners in their vilalges; should they venture out into the Abyss - the world outside the protection of the villages' Holi lanterns - the darkness would quickly consume them, eating away at their sanity - their humanity - until they become one of the viscious Crazies that roam the darkness.


A Hero is born

Born blind, Tobar isn't affected by the Abyss, and vowes to journey into the world to break the curse. Joining him on the journey is Yoska: a foul mouthed seeing-eye Sprite who acts as Tobar's conduit to the world around him. Of course Tobar's blindness is far from a hindrance. Born into darkness, his other senses have been honed, leaving him incredibly in tune with his surroundings, making him a lethal swordsman


Check out the video below for more info

We're going on an exciting journey. Watch the video to find out more about why and how we're doing it and how you can get involved.

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